Covering The Application From A-Z.

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Course Curriculum

Covering The Clinical Radiology Application From A-Z

  1. 2
    • Alert Codes & Escalating Emergency Findings

    • Image Interpretation & Report Critiquing (Part 1)

    • Image Prioritisation, Interpretation & Report Critiquing (Part 2)

    • Image Prioritisation, Interpretation & Report Critique (Part 3)

    • Image Prioritisation, Interpretation & Guidelines (Part 4)

  2. 4
    • The Clinical Radiology Training Pathway And New Curriculum (2020)

    • Radiology Errors & Duty Of Candour

    • The Old Clinical Radiology Training Pathway And Curriculum

    • The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Clinical Radiology

    • Skills Mix In Clinical Radiology

    • Exams In Clinical Radiology

    • Academy vs Hospital Based Clinical Radiology Training

    • Teleradiology

    • Brexit And Clinical Radiology

    • A Day In The Life Of A Clinical Radiologist

    • Clinical Radiology And The MDT

    • Teaching In Clinical Radiology

    • iRefer

    • The Kaizen E-Portfolio For Clinical Radiology

    • PACS and RIS

    • The Main Radiation Regulations In Clinical Radiology

    • Structured Reporting In Clinical Radiology

    • The Impact Of COVID-19 On Clinical Radiology

    • The Role Of Radiomics

    • The Role of Radiology In UK Screening Programmes

  3. 5
    • What Is Skills Mix?

    • What Is The Latest Innovation In Clinical Radiology?

    • What Is The Work Schedule Of A Consultant Clinical Radiologist?

    • What Exams Do You Have As a Clinical Radiology Trainee?

    • What Is The Biggest Issue Facing Clinical Radiology?

    • What Is The Work Schedule Of A Trainee Clinical Radiologist?

    • Why Clinical Radiology?

    • What Is The Training Structure In Clinical Radiology?

    • What Is A Clinical Radiology Academy?

  4. 6
    • Introduction To 'Example' And Ethics Questions

    • Model Answer: You’re An F2 And While On The Morning Ward Round You Smell Alcohol On Your Consultant's Breath. What Do You Do?

    • Model Answer: Tell Me About The Time You Dealt With A Difficult Patient

    • Model Answer: A Junior Colleague Keeps Coming In Late, What Do You Do?

    • Model Answer: You’re an F2 and while on the morning ward round you smell alcohol on your consultant's breath. What do you do?

    • Model Answer: Managing Negative Feedback

    • Model Answer:A Consultant Shouts At You During The Ward Round In Front Of A Patient For Getting The Answer Wrong, What Do You Do?

    • Model Answer: Underperforming Consultant

    • Model Answer: Tell Me About A Time Where You’ve Made A Difference To Your Department

    • Model Answer: Bullying By A Senior

    • Model Answer: A Consultant Wants You To Alter The Patient’s Notes After They Made An Error So It Matches Their Version Of Events, What Do You Do?

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