Radiology Anatomy? Seriously?

Yes seriously! The number of imaging requests is increasing year-upon-year and let's be honest, radiology is at the centre of patient diagnosis and management. That's why having a sound understanding of radiology anatomy is more important than ever. We want to promote this culture of learning by giving candidates the opportunity to win an international prize.

So How Does The Competition Work?

Think of it like an anatomy 'spotter' exam but with radiological images. In the Roentgen competition, candidates will be asked to either name the structure indicated by the arrow, or a structure related to it. There will be 50 radiological images in total with candidates having 60 minutes to go through all the images and label them accordingly. The images will include the essential radiology modalities you'll encounter in everyday clinical practice e.g. X-Rays, CT, MRI etc.

What's The Prize?

Now we're talking! All candidates who take part will receive a certificate of participation which is a great way of showing commitment to a career in radiology. But for the champion(s), they will receive the coveted Roentgen Prize which includes a certificate of their achievement and a monetary prize.

Enrolment For The 2024 Roentgen Radiology Anatomy Competition Closes On The 12th July, 23:59 GMT+1!

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Deadline For Enrolment 12th July, 23:59 GMT+1!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible for this competition?

    If you're a medical student or a non-radiology junior doctor, then you're eligible to take part in this competition. You are ineligible to take part if you've passed any FRCR examinations, have had any formal radiology training or have already been awarded a place to start Radiology training in the UK or abroad.

  • Why is there a fee for the competition?

    The fee is to help cover the costs associated with the technical software required to run the competition alongside the costs associated with invigilating the exam (proctoring).

  • Is there negative marking?

    There is no negative marking.

  • How many times can I enter the competition

    You can enter the competition once per year.

  • What are the technical requirements for the exam?

    Candidates will be require a computer (desktop or laptop) to undertake the exam. The exam cannot be performed on mobile phone or tablet. You must also have a working webcam and microphone and stable internet.

  • Can you show us some example questions?

    Yes of course! Just register on the platform and you can access some sample questions for free.

  • I'm not based in the UK, am I eligible?

    Yes definitely! We welcome our international medical graduates (IMGs) colleagues to participate.

  • Is This Really An International Competition?

    Yes! In our first run of the Roentgen competition in 2022, we had over 100 candidates participate in the exam with candidates across the world. We even had candidates from as far as Malaysia participating!