Become A Better Educator

Everybody can teach, but not everybody can teach well. With our course, we'll teach you from the ground up the fundamental principles you need to take your teaching to the next level and make your teaching the best it can be.

Gain Those Essential Teaching Points

Stuck with just ad-hoc teaching? Not sure what to do next? No problem. Our course will give you the tools to enhance your teaching portfolio and outline realistic steps you can take to build your career in medical education.

Our Course Works Around You

We all live busy lives, more so when you're a healthcare professional. That's why our course was purposely designed to be as flexible as possible and work around you. All our content is available 24/7 with lectures being recorded meaning you can watch at your at a pace that suits you.

8 Weeks. 8 Key Educational Topics.

One Lecture Every Week With All Content Being Recorded

  1. 1
    • Week 1: Introduction To The Course

    • Week 2: Beyond Bedside Teaching - A Career In Med Ed

    • Week 3: To Reflect Or Not To Reflect, That Is The Question - Models Of Reflection In Medical Education

    • Week 4: Mirror Mirror On The Wall, What's The Best Feedback Type Of Them All? The Role Of Constructive Feedback In Medical Education

    • Week 5: Aims, Learning Objectives And Learning Outcomes - What's The Difference And Who Cares?

    • Week 6: Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail - How And Why You Should Lesson Plan

    • Week 6 Supplementary Material: Gagné 9 Steps Of Instruction Template

    • Week 7: More Than Just Winging It - The Theories Of Medical Education

    • Week 8: That Exam Wasn't Fair! The Role Of Assessments In Medical Education

Supporting Tomorrow's Educationalists

  • "I'm surprised this course isn't mandatory in medical school. It was taught in such an understandable manner and Muhammad was so enthusiastic about getting us involved. Definitely seen my teaching go from strength-to-strength as I use the key concepts taught in the course"

  • "Getting onto a quality course without breaking the bank is hard these days. That's why this course is just perfect. Great content with amazing tutors. Helped me get those critical portfolio points to help me secure my training number"

  • "As a junior doctor, I don't get much spare time but I have to build my portfolio for specialty applications. That's why this course was a no brainer. All the content is recorded meaning I could watch at my own leisure meaning I could get my teaching portfolio points without having to use my entire weekends for a traditional course"

Only 30 Slots Available In Cohort 1

Once They're Gone, They're Gone.

Build Your Teaching Portfolio & Become A Better Clinical Teacher

8 Weeks. 8 Key Educational Topics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Is This Course For?

    Regardless of what stage of training you're at, if you're involved in teaching then this course is perfect for you. You'll learn the key fundamental principles to help take your teaching to another level and help you excel on your career in medical education.

  • How Does The Course Work?

    Fantastic question. Simply put, every week, for the next 8 weeks, we'll be covering one key fundamental principle in medical education. Each talk will cover the principle and give you practical steps of how you can implement it in your own teaching. But if you can't make the talk, don't worry. All of our content is recorded meaning you can watch at your own pace, whenever you get the time :)

  • How Do I Get A Certificate For My Portfolio?

    Easy! Just complete the end of the course assessment (a simple 500 word reflection exercise on what you've learnt as part of the course) and then email us at We'll then get back in touch with your certificate which you can use as evidence of developing as an educator in your portfolio!

  • Can I Use My Study Budget For This Course?

    Yes! Why not? Just please make sure you get the required go-ahead from your supervisors or whoever deals with the study budget in your department. If you need any information from us, feel free to get in touch via email (