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Lets be honest, radiology teaching is pretty much non-existent. And when it does exist, it kinda sucks. We can say this because we're radiologists but it shouldn't be like this. That's why we made this course. Stripping away all the faff and noise, we've made one of the most concise and clearcut radiology courses out there. Our content is purposely made for medical students and junior doctors who want to destroy their exams, smash their OSCEs and survive being the F1/F2.

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Life is more than a 9-5. That's why our course works around you. So whenever you get time, you'll have 24/7 access to our course content for the duration of your membership. Plus, you'll always have access to our content as it's updated and as new modules are released.

Content Tailored For You.

Our modules reflect the topics that we know medical students and junior doctors struggle with. But we go one step further and are happy to support you with other topics not covered in our course. All you have to do is contact us and one of our radiologists will get back to you and give you personalised support to take your learning to the next level.

Course Content

  1. 2
    • Introduction & Training In Radiology With Dr J Howie (MBCHb, FRCR)

  2. 3
    • Consultant Life & Career In Radiology With Dr J Howie (MBChB, FRCR)

  3. 4
    • The Need-To-Know Radiation Regulations For Non-Radiologists With Dr M Khan (MBChB, MRes, PGCert)

  4. 5
    • Common Anatomical Variants On Plain Films With Dr U Nnajiuba (MBBS, BSc, FRCR)

  5. 6
    • Making A Referral To Radiology With Dr J Howie (MBChB, FRCR)

  6. 7
    • The Need To Know Physics Of X-Ray With Dr M Khan (MBChB, MRes, PGCert)

  7. 8
    • Introduction To CT Principles With Dr M Khan (MBChB, MRes, PGCert)

  8. 9
    • The Need To Know Physics Of CT With Dr M Khan (MBChB, MRes, PGCert)

  9. 10
    • Acute Chest Imaging With Dr U Nnajiuba (MBBS, BSc, FRCR)

  10. 11
    • How To Describe A Fracture With Dr J Howie (MBChB, FRCR)

  11. 12
    • Common Trauma X-Rays With Dr J Howie (MBChB, FRCR)

  12. 13
    • Abdominal X-Ray Interpretation With Dr N Nnajiuba (MBBS, BSc, FRCR)

  13. 14
    • Acute CT Head Emergencies With Dr M Khan (MBChB, MRes, PGCert)

  14. 15
    • CT Abdomen Basics With Dr U Nnajiuba (MBBS, BSc, FRCR)

  15. 16
    • Final Remarks With RadCast Team

  16. 17
    • Additional Radiology Teaching Resources From RadCast

Unique For 2021

Three national prizes available for the best radiology audit, research and reflection


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  • "Learnt more radiology in one day than 5 years of medical school. Wish you guys were my lecturers at uni"

  • "This course has been a godsend for me during my A&E rotation in F2. And it doesn't cost a bomb. Just sign up, you won't regret it"

  • "They respond to every email you send. Genuinely, such amazing teachers who make radiology fun. A lifesaver for exams and OSCEs"

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for anyone who has to deal with interpreting radiological images e.g. X-Rays. So whether you're a medical student, radiographer, physiotherapist or a junior doctor (F1/F2), this course is for you!

  • How does the course work?

    Great question. On the day our course goes live (28th August), we'll have a series of live lectures that will be recorded and then available on the platform. However, before that, we'll be releasing videos onto the course which you can watch in advance. These videos cover the essential need-to-know info that will help you understand the pathology in the live lectures.

  • Will the live lectures be available for viewing afterwards?

    Yup! All of our live lectures will be recorded and then made available for viewing at your leisure for the period of your membership.

  • Can I use my study budget for this course?

    Of course! There should be no reason why you can't. Of course, we do not finalise such decisions but this course is designed specifically to enhance your understanding of clinical radiology in order to improve your clinical acumen.